Automotive Interiors EXPO2018 Booth#314

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Auto Interior Expo 2018

“Visitors will get the chance to see cutting- edge technology and feel products found in vehicles from almost every car maker in the world today, as well as the opportunity to discover breakthrough innovations and concepts destined for the cabins of tomorrow.
materials for sound-damping and weight- saving solutions, as well as intelligent surfaces enabling a new generation of HMI and lighting possibilities.”

FINAL proposal

“Convenience: See over 100 exhibitors specializing in every aspect of automotive interior design, production and supply – all under one roof!

Knowledge: Share insights and best practice from industry experts speaking at the free-to-attend Innovation & Design Forum; and the Autonomous Vehicle Interior Design & Technology Symposium.

Networking: Fantastic networking and meetings opportunities with exhibitors, visitors and speakers who are all exclusively involved
in designing and producing auto interiors.”


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Die Cutting & Molding Presses / Systems -Global OEM Freeman SCHWABE / SCHWABE USA

 Company Core Skills & Capabilities 2018 – 2019

Die Cutting & Molding Presses / Systems

Freeman Schwabe is a global OEM of the highest quality die cutting & molding presses, material handling systems & manufacturing software, including the world-renowned brand of SCHWABE USA presses, designed, engineered and built in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Corporate Logo

Business Vision & Strategy

Core Values, Skills and Expertise

Core Global Industries
Floor Covering, Automotive Interior Trim & Seating, Packaging


Key Markets, Machine Presses and Applications

Imported Presses (High Speed, Receding Head, Traveling Head)

SCHWABE Presses manufactured in the USA since 1935

Custom Design Build and Application Expertise

Machine Software, Press Options, Technical Support

Remote diagnostics, minimize downtime

Conversions, Upgrades, Rebuilds and Retrofits


Freeman SCHWABE Capabilities 2018-2019.014

Edited Logo

Freeman SCHWABE Capabilities 2018-2019.007

Freeman SCHWABE – Company Core Values

The handful of rules defining the culture, which are reinforced on a daily basis.

Adaptable: What we do is dynamic – we cannot control the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails

Teamwork: Make a promise, keep a promise – be responsible and hold one another accountable

Entrepreneurial: Unleashing personal creativity and initiative to seek opportunities that provide competitive advantage by reducing lead time, cost or improving performance

Hustle: Performing with a sense of urgency in everything we do – 100% of the time

Relentless Improvement: Continue to seek opportunities to grow our people, processes, and technologies to create more sustainable profit for the company.

Freeman SCHWABE Capabilities 2018-2019.011

Contact us NOW

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Auto Interior Applications and Solutions

Freeman SCHWABE is a global OEM of the highest quality Hydraulic Die Cutting Presses / Cutting Systems and Manufacturing Software….

…….including the world-renowned brand of SCHWABE USA presses built in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Edited Logo

SCHWABE USA offers a turnkey solution for cutting and compression molding all automotive trim interior products including: Fabrics, Laminates, Foam, PVC, Leather, Non-wovens

SCHWABE USA - Interior Trim Parts

SCHWABE USA hydraulic presses are used in the production of Automotive Interior and Trim Cover Parts and Applications across the world:
Leather seating,
Non-leather seating,
Floor carpets and mats,
Sun visors
Head liners
Spacer mesh fabric

SR with Die Vacuum System

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press with vacuum cutting systems for high volume cutting automotive parts components.

Auto Interior Logos

Front FinalCut Sheet Edited Back

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Cutting Full Leather Hide – Auto Interior

Cutting Full Leather Hide with SCHWABE USA Press

SCHWABE Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press

Visit SCHWABE USA at Booth #314 at Auto Interior EXPO

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press

The press structure is simple and has only three moving parts namely: platen, center guide, and hydraulic cylinder rods, maintenance of the press itself is limited to lubrication.

Quick Die Change (QDC) Side die loading is one option with this design which cannot be done with some other press types.

Hydraulic cylinders are removable from the open structure of the top piece not hidden in a table bed structure.


The central large diameter guide column makes it possible to die cut against a soft pad without the need for positive stops. The floating design allows the platen to conform to moderate off-center loading.

Front FinalCut Sheet Edited Back

The SR can be fitted with various positive stop configurations: table, platen, and overhead mounted stops. The over head stops are especially suited for side die loading applications.
The hydraulic cylinder placement, when used on a solid platen, tends to elastically match the deflection of the table bed rather than the separation that will occur with pull down press designs.

SCHWABE Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Presses Capabilities

  • Cut Roll or Sheet Goods
  • Handles Large Die Boards with Large Amounts of Rule
  • Kiss Cutting Capabilities Through Mechanical Stops
  • Feed Systems – Roll Feed, Clamp Feed, Single & Dual Sliding Tables,
  • Manual & Powered Tables, Progressive Die Cutting, Vacuum Die Cutting
  • Matching deflection between Head and Bed of hydraulic press
  • Eliminates the need for complex balancing systems.
  • No more than 5 moving parts in the SR design
  • No Linkage involvement, means less scheduled maintenance and less spare parts inventory.
  • Schwabe SR hydraulic system is freestanding for easy access for maintenance.

Visit SCHWABE USA at Booth #314 at Auto Interior EXPO




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Global Automotive Interior Trim Market

Automotive Soft Trim Interior Market Segmentation

The Automotive Soft Trim Interior market is segmented on the basis of the materials involved. The major materials types can be classified as:


– which can be further classified as per Texture & Finish, Heat Absorption Capacity


–which can be also classified such as Backed & Unbacked Types, Texture e.g. Poker Rail, Sew foam & Grade e.g. Residential or Commercial grade on durability basis

Coated Fabrics

–which can be classified as per coating material such as Polymer Coated, Rubber Coated & Other Substrate Coated for having properties like fire, & water resistance and wash proof

Textiles & Acoustic Barriers

– which can be classified as per area of furnishing whether seating, safety belts, flooring, lining on doors, roof, shelves etc. & also the grade/quality of material used such ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS), Polyurethane reactive (PUR) for properties similar to coated fabrics & noise and sound proofing as well .

Development trends

► Low-emission plastics

► Attractive surface

► Design freedom

► Function integration

► Metal replacement

► Weight reduction


Material choice

► Appearance (structure, colour, gloss)

► Strength (stiffness, crash, temperature)

► Stability (UV, chemical, time)

► Cost (production, after treatement, integration)

Front FinalCut Sheet Edited Back


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Register Online for Auto Interior EXPO 2018 – Oct 23-25th NOVI, MI, USA

Visit Freeman SCHWABE at Booth #314 

SCHWABE USA Die Cutting and Molding Presses Manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA



Auto Interior Materials and Applications 

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UpStroking 75 ton Press For Sale $118,798 PLUS Heated Platen $132,960 (USD)

Edited Logo

NEW UpStroking Press – MANUFACTURED in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

SCHWABE USA Hydraulic Up-Stroking Cutting Press, Model DG-HD75

Selling Price – Hydraulic Up-Stroking Cutting Press

$118,798.00 (USD)

DG-HD75 Press PLUS Heated Platen Option for Die Cut Heat Seal $132,960.00 (USD)


SCHWABE USA – Hydraulic Up-Stroking Cutting Presses are versatile machines and are designed, engineered and assembled in Cincinnati, Ohio USA.

With electric heated platens option is able to die cut & kiss-cut crease heat seal applications ​as well as molding & trimming, laminating and embossing.

New Cut Sheet

DG-HD75 – Hydraulic Up-Stroking Cutting Press
PLUS Heated Platen Option for Die Cut Heat Seal

$132,960.00 (USD)

Features include

  • variable and independent temperature control for top and bottom heated platens,
  • variable dwell time
  • variable tonnage control if needed. 

Additionally, the heated platens which are also made in the USA can be located if your process requires on both the head of the press as well as the bed of the press.

  • The electric heated platens with multiple heating zones provide uniform heat distribution and precise temperature control across the entire platen surface.
  • Temperature accuracy is monitored & controlled by separate control panel and if required can be incorporated into the Allen Bradley PLC unit for ease of operation.
  • Standard temperatures are up to 400 degrees F. The heated platens include approximately 1” think of insulation protecting the steel weldment head and if applicable, steel weldment bed of the press.

Ideal materials and applications requiring a heated platen press to die cut, heat seal would include, but not limited to, various textiles, fibers, non-woven materials, and various foam materials
Tools can be mounted with either fixed position die rails or mechanically adjustable die rails enabling greater flexibility when various size die boards are required.



FINAL proposal

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