Customer Advanced Support Contract

Check out the Benefits of Freeman Schwabe Advanced Support Contract

Freeman Schwabe – Advanced Support Contract

Key Benefits

  • Unlimited phone/email support during the 1 year contract period
  • 10% discount on all part orders as well as any services provided during the contract period
  • 5% discount on all belt orders
  • Priority service: Should a service call be needed at a time when the service schedule is full, the advanced support contract allows you to become PRIORITY above any customer who has not purchased a service contract.
  • (1) FREE visit to your facility during the contract period. During this visit, our technician will perform the following maintenance and inspection:

– Inspect level of machine and head
– Check hydraulic pressure
– Inspect hydraulic and gearbox oil. Change if needed. Customer responsible for disposal of used oil as well as providing new oil/filter for change                     – Inspect points of friction for wear
– Inspect press structure
– Inspect hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and fittings
– Check function of all safety equipment and devices
– Recommend any replacement parts
– Retrain operators if needed
– Make any adjustments if needed
– Verify proper operation of machine

For more information: Contact

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Critical Parts Inventory – Insurance against Downtime


Reduce Risk of Manufacturing Downtime

Build a Critical Spare Parts Inventory

At Freeman Schwabe we strive to supply our customers with top quality, reliable and robust cutting presses and systems to meet your most demanding manufacturing needs.

We also provide support and advice on how to ensure your cutting presses continue to operate efficiently by:

• training machine operators for optimal press performance

• ensuring safety measures are followed

• reviewing preventative and routine maintenance schedules

• developing metrics to measure machine efficiency and performance

and maintaining a critical spare parts inventory.

While there are many ways to measure and produce a Critical Spare Parts List we believe you should be aware of 2 key factors that define “critical”

  • the length in days it will take to replace the machine in days
  • how important is the spare part to the machine operation


Here we list the Top 30 Potential Critical Spare Parts for Freeman Schwabe machines measured by the above criteria.

We hope this helps you calculate the best Critical Spare Parts Inventory for your business, if you need any other information please contact us at

Ask our Service Support team about opportunities for

Deferred Payments on your Critical Spare Parts Inventory.


If you need any other information please contact us at

Ask our Service Support team about opportunities for

Deferred Payments on your Critical Spare Parts Inventory.


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Referral Program – Freeman Schwabe

Freeman Schwabe Referral Program share $100…..
Share $100 When You
Refer a Friend or Business Contact as a New Customer

Your referral receives $50 off their first order (minimum order $500)


You receive $50 off your next order with Freeman Schwabe.


For more information email



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Work Cell Manufacturing – Compact Cutting and Mold Trim Hydraulic Press

corporate-logo-plus-great-place-to-workSCHWABE USA Up-Stroking Beam Press – Ideal for Work Cell Manufacturing

The compact SCHWABE USA Model DG 35 is powerful flexible up stroking hydraulic beam press which makes it perfect for work cell manufacturing, and with an attractive price point of less than $100,000.

This makes it affordable for multiple machines across different work cell stations in a cellular manufacturing environment, e.g. making components in the manufacture of Instrumental Panels in the Automotive Interior Trim industry.

For more information and to RFQ contact 


The SCHWABE USA Model DG 35 and 50 tons which are built in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and are made stronger to last longer, and suitable for accurate die cutting and compression molding & mold trim AND use minimal manufacturing space while providing maximum productivity



SCHWABE DG 35 and 50 tons

General Specifications

Cutting Force – Thirty Five (35) U.S. Tons / Fifty (50) U.S. Tons
Head & Bed Size – 30” x 34”
Cutting Stroke – 6” adjustable
Daylight Opening – 8”
Cutting Surface – 1″ polypropylene cutting pad / Mounted on head or bed of press
Approximate Weights/ Dimensions ~ 6,000 lbs/ ~ 88”L x 50”W x 63”H

Electrical Specifications
Power Requirements – 230V / 460V, 3 phase, 60 HZ
Controls – Internally transformed with two hand, anti-tie down push button for activation.

For more information contact


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Critical Spare Parts Calculator


Interesting article online by World Class Manufacturing provides a Critical Spare Parts Calculator and advice on the following:

  • Purchasing Guildelines for Maintenance Storeroom Management
  • Stock-Keeping Guildelines for Maintenance Storeroom Management
  • Maintenance Storeroom Management Guildelines for Releasing Stock

 WCM suggests using the calculator which is based statical methods to optimize your maintenance inventory, and suggests whether to buy or not to buy parts.

Please note : You will need to estimate downtime costs, the failure frequency, and the lifetime of the machinery where it will be used


An image of the critical spare parts calculator 

The article concludes

“The requirement to balance keeping the parts in inventory with the need to control spending is the reason it is important to have a clear, rational, and well-understood policy.

The maintenance storeroom manager needs to know the facts regarding costs, the frequency of the need for specific critical expensive parts and the time required for purchasing them in order to keep that balance.”

The article was written OSKAR OLOFSSON by Lean and World-Class Manufacturing consultant and the founder of WCM Consulting AB.

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People – Safety – First…is your Machine Press 100% OSHA Compliant?

imagesAlways put the Safety of your Workforce at the top of your Purchasing Criteria

Freeman Schwabe supplies top quality cutting presses, and we are proud to promote the safety of the machines we sell…….

Every Freeman Schwabe press is 100% OSHA compliant.

We also encourage the implementation of safety standard practices in the work shop environment e.g.


  • Training – people should be trained  to operate machinery and to know the tools and parts to maintain the machine to operate efficiently and meeting the strictest safety standards.
  • Workers need to wear the OSHA protection equipment gear where and when appropriate e.g. goggles, gloves, and avoid clothing risks i.e. loose fitting clothes


  • In machine shops avoid working alone.


  • Keep the workplace tidy maintain clear walkways between machines and to entrances / exits, keep work cells clean and uncluttered


  • Inspect machines regularly before use and always leave clean for next operator






Top 5 Key Safety features on Freeman Schwabe cutting pressessafety-interlock-switchhead-safety-block-shown-with-safety-interlock-switch

  • Every press with door guard has a Safety Interlock

  • Every hydraulic cutting press has Key Stop switch

  • Every cutting press has a Head Safety Block

  • Every hydraulic cutting press has E Stop Safety Relays

  • Every open machine has Light curtain safety shut down

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Maintenance, Repair & Operations – Buying & Selling

A recent survey by UPS shows the potential gaps in buyers and sellers perceptions within the business environment of Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO).

The study emphasizes the growing influence of technology in changing the MRO buying and selling options and expectations.

The full results are available here 2016 UPS study, Growing MRO Business: Closing the Gaps buyer-seller

The findings that follow show where communications gaps may lie between buyers and sellers, and point to disruptions on the horizon that may change where sellers are placing their business bets.
This study is based on a survey of 300 professionals working in the discipline of Industrial Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) within companies generating over $10 million in annual sales revenue”. Kelly Brock, UPS

Aligning seller capabilities with buyer needs


Current State of the Seller


How MRO Buyers and Sellers Interact across different Channels


Criteria for selecting an MRO supplier


The Assessing Present and the Future of MRO



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