Kongsberg Automotive of Slovak Republic visit Freeman Schwabe in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Freeman Schwabe is proud to work with Automotive Interior suppliers from around the world, and welcomes the opportunity to invite international customers to their headquarters and testing facility in Cincinnati.

Greg DeFisherPresident and CEO of Freeman Schwabe said

“Our company is excited about the worldwide recovery trends in the interior industry and especially pleased with our new business relationship with Kongsberg Automotive of the Slovak Republic, who work closely with Volkswagen Slovakia.

Volkswagen Slovakia is the largest foreign industrial investment in the Slovak Republic. The Touareg, Audi Q7, Škoda Octavia and the body of the Porsche Cayenne are produced in Bratislava.”

Kongsberg Automotive  interior systems group manufactures seat adjusters, seat recline, side bolsters and lumbar support, cables, seat heating, ventilation and massage systems, arm rests and head restraints.

Here Greg DeFisher welcomes Roman Osuský and Branislav Piatrik project coordinators with Kongsberg Automotive to Freeman Schwabe to review a machine run-off of their newly purchased Schwabe die cutting press.

 Roman Osusky, Greg DeFisher, Branislav Piatrik

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