Freeman Schwabe Machines in Operation – Top 5 Videos on YouTube

Watch Freeman Schwabe machines in operation on the Freeman Schwabe YouTube Video channel.

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Freeman Schwabe Machinery is a leading OEM supplier of hydraulic presses to USA and Global companies: designs, manufactures, and installs die cutting presses and material handling solutions, including compression molding presses, multi-contour mold and trim presses.

These are the Top 5 Most Viewed Freeman Schwabe videos on YouTube



1. Automatic Traveling Head Hydraulic Press Model TH

The TH Series excels at cutting a wide range of materials including: Rubber, Paper, Carpet, Plastics, Envelope, Sponge, Textile, Cork, Glass Fiber, Floor Tiles, Leather, Shoe Material, Felt, Packing, Hardboard

2. Plastic Card Laminating Machine in operation

Laminating Press provides multiple stack heating and cooling cycles for laminating your toughest applications.

3. Plastic Card Punching and Stacking

Achieve up to 35% higher output with the Freeman Schwabe CPS High-Speed Automatic Card Punching & Stacking Machine.

4. Full Head Cutting Press – 80 Ton with Dual Tables

Anti-shock rigid construction with mechanical balancing maintains the parallelism of the head and bed during the cutting stroke.

5. Leather Cutting Machine: Full Hide Die Cutting

Freeman Schwabe SR Press is used in numerous industries e.g. Automotive Interior Trim.
The 300 ton hydraulic press featured in this video was designed for die cutting full leather hides.

For more information on machines specifications and additional options visit the Freeman Schwabe website.

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