Full Head Cutting Press – Freeman Schwabe Video YouTube Channel

Check out the latest Freeman Schwabe video showing the FH Series – Full Head Cutting Press with manual sliding table in operation.

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full head cutting press sliding table

Hydraulic Force: 22- 330 U.S. tons [20 – 300 Metric tonnes]

Bed Depth: 19 – 78 inches [500mm – 2000mm]

Bed Width: 35 – 98 inches [900mm – 2500mm]



Feed Systems Available:

Hand Placed Material

Roll Feed Systems

Clamp Feed Systems
Single and Dual Sliding Tables
Manual and Powered Tables

Cutting Surfaces: Frisylen® Cutting Boards
Urethane Cutting Belts
Nylon Cutting Belts
Hardened Ground Steel Plates

Click here to go to the Freeman Schwabe website to see more details on the FH Series

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