Freeman Schwabe – Plastic Card Machine Presses

Plastic Card Machinery – Card Punching, Stacking, Laminating

Although famous worldwide for its Schwabe Cutting Presses and Cutting Systems,  Freeman Schwabe also custom engineers a wide range of Plastic Card Machine Presses.

Freeman Schwabe supplies machine presses for punching, stacking, laminating magnetic tape layer and GSM punching & scribing all designed with speed, precision and quality.

Freeman Schwabe will customize machines to meet virtually any customer’s requirements for production of plastic cards, ID-cards, security cards, bank mini-cards, gift and loyalty cards to name just a few.

Freeman Schwabe CPS Series – Plastic Card High Speed Punching & Stacking

Plastic Card High Speed Punching Stacking





Freeman Schwabe CT-700 Series – Plastic Card Magnetic Tape Layer

Plastic Card Freeman Schwabe Magnetic Tape Layer







Freeman Schwabe CG Series – Plastic Card Punching and Scribing Presses

Freeman Schwabe Plastic Card Punching Scribing







Freeman Schwabe CL Series – Plastic Card Twin Lamination Press

Freeman Schwabe Plastic Card Twin Stack Lamination Press





For more Information visit Freeman Schwabe website or Call 513-947-2888

Also view Plastic Card Presses on Freeman Schwabe Videos You Tube Logo

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