Schwabe SR Series Die Cutting Presses – 4 New Videos

You Tube Logo Freeman Schwabe You Tube Video Channel Schwabe SR Press

Freeman Schwabe added a new series of 4 videos explaining the range of different features available with the Schwabe SR (Straight Ram) die cutting press.

Overview (Video 1) Explains the basic features of a Schwabe SR Die Cutting Press

e.g. Allen-Bradley controls, center guide,

Safety Features (Video 2) Highlights the key safety features of the Schwabe SR Press

e.g. OHSA certified safety circuit, head safety block,

Maintenance Tips (Video 3) Provides the essential maintenance tips for the Schwabe SR Press

e.g. grease moving parts, hydraulic oil

Special Features (Video 4) Outlines the special features / options of a customized machine in video

e.g. belt feed, dual clamp feed, nylon cutting belt

For more information on Schwabe SR Cutting Press visit

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