Schwabe SR Series – Single-Stroke Die Cutting Press

A Schwabe SR series Single-Stroke Cutting Press cuts material / fabric across the entire die board – up to 5.8m in length – in one stroke.

The Schwabe SR Series Press is the largest, most powerful die cutting press used for cutting fabric, and at less than 1 minute, it provides the fastest cycle time available today, which is why  Schwabe SR Cutting Presses are a popular choice for cutting Automotive Interior fabric e.g. leather.

 Single Stroke Stroke Die Cutting Press

Die Cutting fabric uses high-density die boards with steel cavities embedded into the die board or mounted on top.

The cavities are shaped to die cut the pieces precisely as needed.

Die Board Fabric

The material to be cut is stacked on top of the die board.  This is done offline while previously prepared die boards are run through the press.

When loaded with material, the die board is transferred to the press via roller tables.

The die board enters the press at the front end and is automatically drawn through and centered.

Less than 30 seconds later, it exits at the rear with all pieces cut to specification.

The die board and material are transferred together to a picking table where the cut pieces can be removed.  Meanwhile, the next dieboard is being run through the press in the same continuous cycle.

Visit Freeman Schwabe website for more information about Schwabe Die Cutting Presses

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