Freeman Schwabe: Envelope & Paper Die Cutting Presses

Cutting Presses, Cutting Solutions and Systems for the Paper and Envelope Industry 

Freeman Schwabe Machinery has three die cutting systems that effectively cut envelopes.       


envelope paper press cnc auto

CNC 3-Axis Automatic Paper Envelope Cutting Press

The EA CNC 3-Axis  Automatic Paper & Envelope is totally automatic and has 3-axis control for the die. X and Y position the die and the third axis rotates the die for nesting.

The EA Envelope press combines the proven technology of the industry standard Traveling Head Press, and the Numerical Control Technology of the Machine Tool Industry.


envelope paper em-press

Manual Traveling Head Cutting Press

 The EM Envelope Cutting Press combines the proven technology of the industry standard Traveling Head Press, and the simple operation and controls of a manual press.
This press commonly uses a four-corner die that cuts the corners off a stack of paper creating an envelope. Front and Rear scrap conveyors assist the operator in keeping a clean work area.


Receding Beam / Head cutting press

Receding Beam / Head Cutting Press

The Receding Head Press allows a larger format of the four-corner die cutting surface. This press combines the larger format with a magnetic die head, allowing a faster set up compared to the four-corner die with tie rod setup. Using a paper pattern to position the dies, and laser guides for the material, setup is a snap!

All presses can be equipped with die lubrication devices, specialized clamping, and ejection systems .

Below are some of the USA and Global customers who have provided testimonials of support and recommendation for Freeman Schwabe cutting presses and machine services.

Leader Paper Products

Leader Paper Products

Trade Envelope

Trade Envelope

Papercone Corporations

Papercone Corporations

Western States Envelope & Label

Western States Envelope & Label

Information Packaging

Information Packaging

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