Schwabe 4 Post High Stroke Press

Schwabe 4PHS - 4 Post Design for Mold & Trim

Schwabe 4Post High Stroke - 4 Post Design for Mold & Trim

  Features & Benefits – Schwabe 4 Post Press


Allows for full tonnage over the entire stroke of the platen.

Front to back and side to side material feed are equally possible with this design; one of the unique characteristics of this press design is the flexibility for custom applications.

Die loading from any of the four sides of the platen or bed is possible; again, promoting flexibility and customization.

34” is Standard bed working height, which is lower than pull down or base linkage presses of equal tonnage since the beds’ only function is to provide a flat stiff structure.

Hydraulic cylinders are removable from the open structure of the top piece not hidden in a table bed structure.

Rod seals can be changed without removing the cylinders in most designs.

The four guide columns structure allows the user to die cut against a soft pad along with moderate off-center loading without the need for positive stops.

Platen lock-up pins are standard to provide safety during die maintenance when platen is in full up position.

Controls are operated through Allen Bradley (Siemens) Panel View which can be mounted electric box, pedestal, or strong arm mounted.

Optional rod locks for full stroke safety can be provided.

This design is ideal for self-contained die sets application as well.

Die sets used for molding applications that completely separate can readily be used with optional extra long guide engagement.

For molding press application heavy duty powered sliding tables with locating stops are available for those applications requiring the lower half of die to travel out to the operator.  Can incorporate Heated Platens as well easily.

Schwabe 4 Post High Stroke for Cutting Automotive Interior Air Bags

Schwabe 4 Post High Stroke for Cutting Automotive Interior Air Bags

Besides  the Heavy duty sliding other feed systems that may be used are,  Clamp Feed, Roll Feed, Chase Feed, and  Belt Feeds

This press is used for molding, and cutting applications of many materials such as: car interiors, carpet, plastic, packaging, glass fiber, and many more (see illustration of Schwabe 4 Post High Stroke used to produce Air Bags for global Automotive Interior companies). 

The press structure is simple and has only three moving parts namely: platen, lock-up pins, and hydraulic cylinder rods.

Because of this design simplicity the maintenance of the press itself is limited to lubrication.

Wear items are few consisting of split guide bushings, lock-up pin bushings, and positive stop screws and nuts.  These items have long life expectancies.

Presses operating in abrasive or corrosive environments can be easily modified with protective bellows and material selection to suit. 

Standard Sizes available include 48” x 48”, 60” x 60” and 72” x 72”.  Other sizes available upon request.

What tonnages are available?  30, 59, 75, 85, 150, 230, 300, 500.  Other tonnage available upon request.

What feed systems are available? Sliding table, Roll feed, Belt feed, Clamp feed, Chase feed

Standard Stroke distance available are 8” to more than 72”

Standard Daylight distance available are 10” to more than 72”

To find more information and to request a detailed quote please contact Freeman Schwabe

By EMail customerservice@freeman schwabe 

By phone +1 (513) 947-2888 

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