Die Cutting Solutions = Schwabe Cutting Presses + Allen Bradley Controls

Schwabe Hydraulic Presses Manufacturing BenefitsSchwabe SR 230 Press

  • Allen Bradley Controls & Touch Screen
  • UL Listing Certified Electrical Panels
  • Office Reporting – Shift, Downtime, & Die Usage Reports Available Daily
  • Full Tonnage Throughout Entire Stroke
  • Customized Manufacturing of Press to meet Specific Needs…..regardless of tonnage or area.
  • Minimal parts assures low maintenance

Schwabe KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Dashboard 

Schwabe KPI Bar Charts

Schwabe KPI provides proprietary software for real time online diagnostics on production & machine data to management, operators, maintenance service personnel 24/7.

Schwabe KPI is designed to provide instant access to real time production data such as…

  • Production Graphs
  • Shift Reports
  • Active Program Statistics
  • Die Tracking

Quickly scan and reference data including hourly production totals and machine productivity. Production Data and Machine Statistics can be viewed at any point in time within the last year.

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