Precision Die Cutting Systems = Schwabe Presses

Herman Schwabe globally recognized as the pioneer of Die Cutting Systems

The manufacturing of the cutting presses was originally based in Hazelton, Pennsylvania, and Herman Schwabe was always proud to say Schwabe cutting presses are Made in U.S.A. The key to the Herman Schwabe success was the engineering design of the press and choice of materials.

Herman Schwabe simplified the most complex die cutting task with the Schwabe cutting presses which are still technically advanced and the most versatile in the industry.

  • The Schwabe Straight Ram SR Series design allows for full tonnage over the entire stroke of the platen unlike many other 4-Post press cutting systems
  • The Schwabe Straight Ram SR Series Press cutting systems begins at 150 Tons of cutting force and is available up to 2,500 Tons of cutting force and is ideal for the typical Job Shop that has multiple dies with multiple sizes and cavities!
Schwabe SR 300 Cutting Press

Schwabe SR 300 Cutting Press


Cutting Force: 44 – 2700 U.S. tons [40 – 2500 Metric tons]

Bed Depth: 24 – 220 inches, 610mm – 5600mm

Bed Width: 24 – 220 inches, 610mm – 5600mmlt;/p>

Feed Systems Available: Roll Feed Systems
Clamp Feed Systems
Single and Dual Sliding Tables
Manual and Powered Tables
Progressive Die Cutting
Vacuum Die Cutting


Contact Freeman Schwabe 513-947-2888


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