Cost Efficient Die Cutting Systems – Auto Interior Trim

Auto Trim – Turnkey Die Cutting Systems

Schwabe offers turnkey die cutting systems for cutting automotive interior products including fabrics, laminates, foam, PVC, leather, non-wovens, and many others.

  • Ideal for cutting automotive interiors
  • Manual and Automatic feed systems available.
  • Designed to incrementally feed dieboards that are larger than the press.
  • Available with extension tables for easy, manual lateral transfer of dieboards on & off the feed system for picking & spreading.

 Auto Trim Cutting Solutions

Schwabe state-of-the-art cutting systems, offers the most material efficient, accurate, and flexible auto trim cutting solutions

and are

more cost efficient system to operate than any CNC cutting systems.

Schwabe SR Incremental Feed Die Cutting Systems

Schwabe SR Incremental Feed Die Cutting Systems

Contact Freeman Schwabe +1 513 947 2888

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