SCHWABE USA – Die Cutting ROLLER PRESS – New and Improved


New and Improved die cutting Roller Press

The Roller Press is the latest SCHWABE machine to receive a full upgrade and technical makeover. The new improved press is being reviewed by customers and the feedback is very, very positive, especially when customers compare it’s solid robust structure, to the flimsy and light weight “competitor” roller presses on the market.

Based on the classic Herman Schwabe Roller Press design, the machine is upgraded and loaded with the latest engineering technology, and proudly built here in Ohio, USA.

Roller Press Key Benefits

I list below the Key Benefits of the new improved SCHWABE die cutting Roller Press, due to space limitation within the blog I will focus on the Top 10 benefits:

1. This is an EXTRA Heavy Duty die cutting Roller Press “built stronger” and torsionally stiff for superior performance & longevityROLLER PRESS front Full Leather Hide Cutting SCHWABE

2. The large 18” diameter rollers eliminate the need for back-up rollers and support beams.

3. The SCHWABE die cutting Roller Press is ideal for Full or Whole Hide Leather Cutting (and also thin synthetic materials)

4. New Roller Press is based on the Herman SCHWABE design, then upgraded and updated with latest innovative technology 

  • gap adjustment accuracy +/- 0.004”
  • gap adjustment increments in 0.001” steps
  • up to 500 stored programmable settings
  • optional barcode die recognition
  • remote diagnostics is standard (SCHWABE KPI Dashboard)

5. The press is built with the world-renowned SCHWABE die cutting quality engineering: rugged, dependable and “lasts longer”

6. SCHWABE Roller Press is Made In USA in Cincinnati, Ohio

7. As with all SCHWABE machine presses, it is supported by Freeman SCHWABE global technical service team

8. The material handling accessory “vacuum die pad lift unit” is compact and on a beam so does not take up floor space.

9. Transfer tables feed the die cutting roller press and are the standard feed system

10. Many components are “off the shelf” items / parts: motor, gearbox, bearings, belts, pulleys, roller chain and sprockets.

I will post a video shortly of the new SCHWABE Roller Press and also a detailed specification cut sheet in the next few days, so watch this space.

For more information and RFQ please contact

or call (+1) 513-947-2888

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