SCHWABE USA – die cutting and forming / compression molding presses


Herman Schwabe Inc.

We received a number of enquiries with reference to origins of the new SCHWABE USA brand logo design and color, so in response I outline below the background information on it’s development.

The latest SCHWABE logo design relates to the innovative heritage of Herman Schwabe who was a pioneer in the manufacture of die cutting presses delivering high-speed, efficient and accurate die cutting.

Herman Schwabe Inc. was founded in 1935 in New York City, New York USA.

With a new company and a new brand of technically advanced machinery Herman Schwabe deliberately designed a distinctive SCHWABE brand color logo, to display / advertise his machines and to stand out on busy crowded industrial shop floors across the world.

Freeman Schwabe and SCHWABE Die Cutting / Compression Molding Presses

In 2006, Greg DeFisher President/CEO of Freeman Schwabe led a management buy-out of the SCHWABE die cutting machinery business and Freeman Schwabe Machinery was formed.

Freeman Schwabe LOGO

Today Freeman Schwabe Machinery is proud to engineer and build SCHWABE presses renowned for their durability, ruggedness and longevity, here in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

In line with the technological advancements and innovation incorporated into today’s SCHWABE presses, an updated SCHWABE USA logo was developed to brand the new and improved die cutting and forming / compression molding presses, in a unique and distinctive manner reflecting the Herman Schwabe heritage.



The new logo will soon be displayed on manufactured SCHWABE machines and presses and will be prominently displayed on the new Freeman Schwabe web site, to be launched within the next few weeks.

For more information on SCHWABE die cutting and compression molding presses please contact

or call +1 513 947 2888

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