New Roller Press by SCHWABE performs beyond expectations

Roller Press – Cutting Leather Hide

Die Cutting Machine and Industry expert Bob Bruno of Bruno Systems inspected and tested the new SCHWABE die cutting Roller Press, and was very impressed with it’s performance.

Bob Bruno commented:

“The new SCHWABE Roller Press performed beyond our expectations”

“The SCHWABE machine is sturdy and precise, which is good news for companies looking for a quality roller press for die cutting leather, full or half hide, or cutting synthetic materials.”

SCHWABE – Quality Design and Finish


Bob added “We checked out the main weldments of the roller press and the quality of the welds on this press frame is first rate, it’s well designed and has a quality finish.  The machine is “stiff” and is a “heavy duty” roller press, not a lightweight machine, based on our experience the industry needs the longevity of this type of press.

The GAP adjustment was within the +/- 0.001″ all thru our testing, this is IMPRESSIVE! …and the 18″ diameter rolls which can be adjusted from 3/4″ to 7” is also a plus along with the 28 seconds cycle time speed”.

Congratulations to Freeman Schwabe for building such a heavy duty Roller Press in the U.S. the industry needs this type of roller press.” (Robert F. Bruno, Sr.)

Check out the Roller Press Demo Video on Freeman Schwabe Video Channel on YouTube

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SCHWABE Die Cutting Roller Press – Built Stronger to Last Longer



For more information contact

ROLLER PRESS front Full Leather Hide Cutting SCHWABE

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