Press Photo – Freeman Schwabe Full Head / Full Beam Cutting Press

Full Beam Cutting Press Capabilities

Flexible & Adjustable

  • Presses can be tailored to achieve the most efficient, economical cutting system for your operation.

Cost Efficient

  • Reduces the wear and tear on your cutting dies and pads.

Manufacturing Efficiency

  • Offers easy operator set up and speed to meet changing production schedules.

Central self-lubricating system cuts maintenance time and helps maintain steady production output.

Feed system options to increase capacity and reduce material cost.

  • Single or Double , Manual or Automatic slide table
  • Pneumatic pinch rolls
  • Clamping beam feeds
  • Inboard and Outboard motorized conveyor belts
  • Continuous cutting belts
  • Sheet feeds
  • Edge sensing

Full Head / Full Beam Die Cutting Press with Pinch Rolls


Full Beam Cutting Press options:

  • Oscillating pad shifter
  • Die height display
  • Positive mechanical stops
  • Side guides
  • Optical lazy loop sensor control
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