3D Spacer Mesh – Cutting / Converting for Auto and Consumer Products

Spacer Fabric Mesh – Cutting and Converting

Spacer Mesh is textile fabric with holes knit into the weave which makes it breath more and creates a cool, dry and comfortable fabric.

Müller Textil is the worldwide market leader for three-dimensional spacer fabric: “The outstanding characteristics of 3mesh spacer fabric permits highest efficiency and precision in production.”

3D Spacer Mesh - Mueller

Die Cutting Spacer Fabric

Die Cutting is recognized as the most efficient method for precision cutting of spacer fabric material. SCHWABE USA is the leading supplier of Die Cutting Systems for cutting Spacer Mesh Fabric. Check out more details on SCHWABE SR 230 Cutting Press Machine, die cutting Spacer Mesh on a nylon belt.

Schwabe SR 230 Custom press Spacer Mesh

Spacer mesh is used in a broad range of everyday products which require comfort and cool / dry feel.

Spacer Mesh Mueller 3D

Consumer Textile Products

Mattresses, Furniture, Medical , Apparel, Footwear, Backpacks

Automotive Interior Trim Parts

Seat Covers, Ventilated Seats, Headliners, Instrument Panels, Door Panels

Spacer Mesh car seats

Contact sales@freemanschwabe.com for more details or RFQ or call +1 513 947 2888

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