Operations Value Chain – Freeman Schwabe Capabilities

Freeman Schwabe Adds Value to your Operations

Freeman Schwabe continues to expand its capabilities to add value to your specific industry / business operations:

We supply cutting presses /systems and compression molding machines, standard and custom design build to meet your operations requirements, with a broad knowledge across a wide spectrum of industries:

  • Auto Interior Parts / Trim: headliners, spacer mesh fabric, seat covers, air bags,
  • Foam and Sponge: scrub sponges, pads, sheets,
  • Flooring/ Carpet Tiles: modular flooring, tiles, mats, squares,
  • Leather Cutting (Full Hide / Half Hide): auto seating, furniture, footwear,
  • Packaging: paper, plastic, cardboard,
  • Paper and Envelope: speciality, card stock,
  • Gaskets: rubber, cork, fiber,
  • Abrasives: sheets, discs, belts,
  • Cardboard: corrugated, sheets, rolls,
  • Rubber: belts, seals, matting,
  • Jigsaw / Puzzles: cardboard,
Operations Value Chain Freeman Schwabe

Operations Value Chain – Freeman Schwabe


SCHWABE  Added Value Capabilities

1. Understanding your Application and Operational process.

2. Applying Engineering skills to Design Build the optimum machine operation and delivery system, to fit your manufacturing process.

3. SCHWABE is the OEM from engineering application design to machine / press manufacturing in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

4. SCHWABE guarantees its work and provides installation and back up support with online diagnostics on your Key Performance Indicators.

5. Our innovative range of options custom or standard e.g. material handling. will further enhance your Operation Value Chain.



Contact us today to Request a Quote and outline your specific application needs


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