NC Series Traveling Head: Nesting Software + Cutting on Belt = Increased Yield

Traveling Head Die Cutting Press CNC 3 Axis with Nesting Software – Model NC

Tonnage Hydraulic Force: 27 – 66 US Tons

NC photoBed Depth: 20 – 40 inches 

Bed Width: 86 – 102 inches 

Head Size: 20 x 20 to 30 x 30 inches
[500mm x 500mm to 750mm x 750mm]

Feed Systems Available:
Clamp Feed, Roll Feed
Feed accuracy +/- 0.004 inches,
+/- 0.1mm
Cutting Surfaces: Nylon Cutting Belts, Urethane Cutting Belts, Polypropylene Cutting Boards,

Common Materials Cut: Abrasives, Carpet, Cork, Felt, Fiberglass, Floor Tile, Hardboard, Packaging and Gasket Material,Paper, Rubber, Shoe Materials,Sponge, Textiles


Customer Testimonial

How the NC Series with Nesting Software and Cutting on a Belt

contributed significantly to achieving increased Production Yield 



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