SCHWABE USA welcomes visitors from HFI, LLC auto interior manufacturing team facility in Obergon, Sonara, Mexico.

SCHWABE USA Cutting Presses in demand with Mexico Auto Interior Industry

The photo below shows: Greg DeFisher  President and CEO of Freeman Schwabe with the HFI, LLC manufacturing team from Obregon, Sonara, and Juan Vazquez of Ontario Die International management (on extreme left of photo), on the shop floor in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

The new SCHWABE USA SR 300 cutting press is a new innovative design, with the latest DieVac® System technology and was built in the Freeman Schwabe manufacturing plant in Cincinnati.

As the photo shows everyone is delighted with the performance of the new press following a operational review on Monday December 10th 2012.

photo with logo

The new SCHWABE USA press was reviewed by the HFI manufacturing team who will be operating the press in the HFI facility in Cuidad Obregón, Sonora, México.

HFI, LLC is a Tier 2 automotive interiors supplier.  We focus on partnerships, high-quality products and a value-driven business.”

The ODI DieVac system is incrementally fed through the SCHWABE cutting press which is specially fitted to suit the DIEVAC® process.

  • Fast, smooth and 100% efficient vacuum of the die & material shroud
  • Rugged and Heavy-duty powered die chase with 25% faster cycle time.
  • Capable of cutting die boards up to 18 feet / 6 metres


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