Die Cutting Bulky HVAC Insulation Material with SCHWABE USA

Cutting Thick Bulky Material – Commercial Insulation/HVAC

SCHWABE Straight Ram Beam Press handles Roll or Sheet Material and die cuts either flawlessly

  • Material Usage – no material “end loss” processing material off of the Roll.
  • Ability to index with precision accuracy 1/32” between parts.
  • Clamping Beam Feed System strong enough to pull 7 rolls of material off of a simple roll stand with ease.
  • Quick die changeover with flip-up style OSHA guarding.  Less than 5 minutes.
  • Pneumatic adjustable self-centering die rails aid in the quick and easy die changeover time.

Freeman Schwabe offers a broad range die-cutting presses and other hydraulic machines, solutions and services to match your materials and application needs.

Remember when you buy from Freeman Schwabe you are assured that the press is built with the OEM knowdedge and engineering skills, and each type of press can be purpose designed for your unique manufacturing needs and process.

Check out Freeman Schwabe cutting solutions for these material applications:

For more information and RFQ contact  sales@freemanschwabe.com

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