Innovation in Automotive / Car Interior Design

Freeman Schwabe as an OEM, supplies a wide range of industries in the USA and Worldwide, including:

Automotive Interior, Foam and Sponge, Abrasives, Packaging, Medical Devices, Envelope and Paper.

Industry / Customer Spotlight

During 2013, we will highlight news, links and information on the different Industries and types Customers Freeman Schwabe supplies.

Any suggestions for a specific Industry or Customer Spotlight are welcome.


Car / Automotive Interior Parts and Trim Industry

SCHWABE USA Auto Interior

SCHWABE USA supplies die cutting and compression molding presses for the production of automotive car interior parts, its a dynamic industry with constant innovation, in the manufacture of airbags, leather seating, non-leather seating, floor carpets and mats, sun visors etc .

Check out some of the neat ideas in the Auto Interior design innovation pipeline in the videos below by Faurecia and Johnson Controls.

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