High Speed Cutting Press HS 40 with Knock Out + Stacking Units

Freeman Schwabe – High Speed Cutting Press

The High Speed Cutting Press Model HS is a popular machine choice for fast precision cutting of Abrasives, Gaskets, Rubber Filters, Textiles, Non-Woven, Thin plastic film from 0.008″, such as LCD, PC, PS, PP, PET,PVC etc.

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High Speed Press Features

  • Fully Automatic Operation Deliver High Productivity and Precision
  • Hydraulics increase cutting speed produce 100 cuts per minute
  • Servo motor positioning system maintains positioning accuracy of ± .004″
  • Extremely robust construction maintains parallelism ensuring high precision punching accuracy. 
  • Offers a touch-screen operator interface with machine dialogue and self-diagnostic trouble shooting

High Speed Cutting Press – Key Benefits High Speed Cutting Press

  • Easy Maintenance
  • OSHA Safety protects operators
  • Maximizes your productivity, i.e. saves on labor and easy to run and maintain
  • Can result in up to a 20% savings in material cost.

Freeman Schwabe High Speed Model HS – Specifications

  • Hydraulic Force: 33 – 110 U.S. tons
  • Bed Depth: 20 – 31 inches
  • Bed Width: 20 – 39 inches
  • Feed Systems Available:
  • Manual Feed
  • Roll Feed
  • Single-Powered Tables
  • Belt Feed
  • Unwind and Rewind Capabilities


For more information and / or RFQ contact our sales team +1 513 947 2888


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