Upstroke Platen Press – 2013 Product Specifications – SCHWABE USA


Below is the 2013 SCHWABE USA Model DG Product Cut Sheet (in JPEG image format for easy download reference / bookmark).

The SCHWABE Model DG is the industry leading upstroke platen molding & die cutting press available.

The NEW 2013 SCHWABE USA Model DG continues the Herman Schwabe heritage for innovation, with new and improved technology, and OEM manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and therefore “built stronger to last longer” !

The SCHWABE Model DG Cut Sheet outlines:

  • The machine features, it’s versatility and manufacturing benefits of the Model DG, all of which make the DG such a popular manufacturing investment.
  • The purchase argument for SCHWABE presses as they deliver a very positive ROI, and also an attractive residual asset value, as the DG is constantly in demand for updating, upgrades and rebuilds.
  • The SCHWABE presses are respected as the work horses of many industries, as they are dependable and robust.
  • The broad range of different applications that the Model DG excels at, as a die cutting and compression molding press.
  • The updated technical specifications for the Model DG – 35, DG – 50, DG – 75

For more details and to order contact


Used Schwabe

For more details and to order contact

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