Efficient machine Hydraulic Systems need fresh, new, filtered Hydraulic Oil

Maintenance TInspection / Press AuditMaintenance Advice – Annual New Fresh Filtered Hydraulic Oil Change

Hydraulic Oil is the central component of any hydraulic system.

If the hydraulic oil system fails, contamination is one of the major reasons!

More than 75% of all problems can be traced to contaminated hydraulic oil.

Freeman Schwabe recommends in its Machine Maintenance Tips as a minimum, new fresh, filtered hydraulic oil change annually.

More often if producing on a 24/7 basis or in an environment where contaminants are present. A new Filter should also be included with the hydraulic oil change. Proper draining procedures and disposal should always be followed. The hydraulic oil tank should be inspected for contamination and wiped clean prior to adding new, fresh, filtered hydraulic oil.

Freeman Schwabe can recommend the proper hydraulic oil for your die cutting press along with the proper OEM filter.

Top 10 Maintenance Tips and Videos of Maintenance Advice

Regular maintenance of your Freeman Schwabe die cutting press is critical to ensure the efficiency and longevity of the machine. Schwabe engineers share their Top 10 Maintenance Tips for hydraulic presses.

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