Manufacturing SCHWABE USA Presses by Continuous Improvement Process

SCHWABE USA – Continuous Improvement Process

SCHWABE USA Continuous Improvement manfacturing

SCHWABE USA Continuous Improvement manufacturing

At Freeman Schwabe we set our standards high in customer service by striving to operate just-in-time-manufacturing, in which “each process produces only what is needed by the next process in a continuous flow”.

Regular and clear communication with our Customer is essential throughout the process e.g. we supply a photograph to the receiving customer of the finished SCHWABE USA press on the delivery truck, before “tarpping”, along with the necessary paperwork.


SCHWABE USA Press leaving manufacturing plant Cincinnati Ohio USA

SCHWABE USA Press leaving manufacturing plant Cincinnati Ohio USA

If you believe there are areas we can still improve, let us know contact Heather Kidwell

Heather Kidwell is the Operations Manager at Freeman Schwabe’s manufacturing plant located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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