Cutting Press Manuals Schematics OEM Freeman SCHWABE Machines

Freeman SCHWABE as OEM provides cutting press machine manuals and schematics 

Freeman Schwabe Capabilities

Want to know more about your cutting press for maintenance or machine parts and service, make sure you have the correct manual and schematic.

Freeman SCHWABE as OEM provides detailed machine manuals and schematics (in PDF format) for all it’s machines.

All manuals and schematics are supplied to SCHWABE KPI Dashboard subscribers.

If you buy a Used Freeman SCHWABE presses make sure you have the OEM manual for the machine you buy, remember only Freeman SCHWABE as the OEM supplies the up to date manuals and schematics. 

See examples of manual and schematics for Traveling Head Cutting Press below:

Freeman SCHWABE Traveling Head Sensor Layout

TH Manual Sensor layout

Freeman SCHWABE Traveling Head Terminal Layout 

TH Terminal Board

Freeman SCHWABE Traveling Head – Main Hydraulic Circuit

TH schematic

Prices for Freeman SCHWABE Manuals and Schematics

  • Manuals – $500.00

  • Electrical Schematic – $1,500.00

  • Hydraulic Schematic – $1,500.00

*These are subject to availability. There are some presses due to their age we may have incomplete or no information available to be able to offer manuals and/or schematics.

Buy machine manuals and schematics from OEM Freeman SCHWABE for cutting presses mechanical and electrical layouts of machines.

For more information or to order a Press Machine Manual or Schematic contact

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