Technical Support and Service Rates – Preventative Maintenance Program SCHWABE USA

Technical Service and Support

SCHWABE USA provides technical service support for customers cutting presses and systems.

Outlined below are the 2013 technical services charges as a guide, general terms and conditions apply, and are subject to credit approval and prior sales. Please note the technical and labor rates indicated may change without prior notice.

Labor Rates SCHWABE USA Technical Support Travel Rates SCHWABE SA

Customers are recommended to call Freeman SCHWABE +1 513 947 2888 or email to verify all current price details.

Preventative Maintenance Support Agreements

SCHWABE USA will create a customized scheduled Maintenance Service Agreement just for your hydraulic press or machine and your company.

We will tailor an agreement just for you as we know that each cutting system machine and manufacturing process / application is unique.

Services include:

    • visual inspection
    • safety circuit inspections
    • dynamic testing of the machine
    • hydraulic oil quality check and or replacement.
    • spare part recommendations for your machine
    • inspection of worn parts
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