SMALL Footprint + HIGH Tonnage : Cutting / Molding / Trim Press = SCHWABE Model DG

SCHWABE Model DG : 35 tons, 50 tons, 75 tons

Cutting / Molding / Trim Press
Photo Dimensions
Data Dimensions


  • Upstroke Cutting / Molding reduces risk of part / material contamination
  • Compact self contained hydraulics
  • SCHWABE center guide keeps head and bed parallel
  • Manual Tray = Flexible Cutting
  • Head or Bed mounted cutting board included
  • OSHA compliant
  • SCHWABE OEM manufactured
  • Quick change: contoured Trim Tooling System


  • Upstroke action is ideal for inverted cutting and hand placed tooling
  • Capable of Full Tonnage through stroke
  • Low maintenance / Minimum downtime
  • Proven robust design
  • Less manufacturing space = Better ROI
  • Unique design for cutting / molding vacuum formed plastics, blister/skin packaging, rubber, other sheeted products
  • Ideal machine for cutting / molding Automotive Parts / Soft Goods
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