SCHWABE USA Roller Press = Better Cutting Accuracy and More Programmable Settings

Planning to buy a new heavy weight Roller Press, for accurate die cutting of Full Hide or Half Hide Leather, or Synthetic Fabric or Cardboard?

Check out the SCHWABE USA Roller Press compared to a leading competitor roller press.


SCHWABE USA offers distinct benefits for your manufacturing needs

  • Greater Gap Adjustment Accuracy
  • More Programmable Height Settings
SCHWABE USA Roller Press  Competitor Roller Press
Machine Width (inches) 70, 100, 120 70, 105, 120
Rollers Diameter 18” 18”
Double Die Detectors on each side YES YES
Working Height (inches) 31” 31”
Gap Adjustment Accuracy (inches) +/- 0.001” +/- 0.004”
Programmable Height settings up to 500 0 to 6


  • Engineered by SCHWABE (OEM) and manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  • Herman SCHWABE heritage in technical design for quality and dependability
  • Extra Strong structure for durability
  • Distinct economic advantage when high cutting pressure required, for large number of linear inches of die rule
  • Wide range of options available depending on manufacturing process
  • SCHWABE Roller Press for full and half hide leather cutting, with hand placed dies

SCHWABE USA is the ideal roller press machine to cut Natural or Synthetic materials

e.g. leather (half and full hides of leather), cloth, fabrics, cardboard, composites and gaskets

New Improved


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