Flooring Terminology: Resilient and Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Resilient and Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Across all the industries that SCHWABE USA supplies, identifying the terminology used within the different categories is critical to the Marketing and Sales of the cutting presses and cutting systems that SCHWABE supply.

Fast growth categories present the biggest challenge, as new products and services become established e.g. LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) were seen once seen as part of the resilient flooring group, but are quickly establishing their own category as LVT becomes a popular choice with consumers and distributors alike.

Floor Covering New” article: Ken Ryan

” Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) isn’t merely the shining star in the resilient category—it may just be the best all-around product the flooring industry provides its customers………”

“…………….Some distributors even place LVT in its own category, separate from resilient, as a testament to the product’s performance.

Any other advice on the growth of LVT and the terminology used in the Flooring Industry would be welcome, as Freeman Schwabe continues to be a leader in die cutting machines manufacturing Carpet, Carpet Tiles, Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Rubber.

Check out SCHWABE USA SR 180 for die cutting Luxury Floor Tiles using an automatic tile feeder.

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