Mass Perforating Machine – SCHWABE USA Innovation

Mass Perforating Press – Industry Application Needs

Perforation of materials is needed across a wide range of industries: e.g. paper and plastics, medical dressings, aerospace, textiles, leather, automotive interior, packaging , service / food / drink.

Herman Schwabe Model RC 44 – Mass Perforating Press

Herman Schwabe developed the Model RC 44 Roller Press for Mass Perforating leather for automotive interior e.g. door panels, auto seating.

The original Herman Schwabe Roller Press RC 44 (see archive image below) offered a small footprint machine for the manufacturing process, from 44″ in width which contained a cassette for the die pad for a quicker simpler operation.

Perforating Press by SCHWABE

SCHWABE NEW Perforating Press Model RC 44

SCHWABE USA is developing a new improved upgraded version of the Model RC 44, watch this space for more news, of the SCHWABE Roller Press with mass perforating system.

If you have special mass perforating application needs please let us know.

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