Used Presses – For Sale “as is” and OEM Remanufactured

SCHWABE USA Sells Used Presses 

Depending on specific application and budget we sell Used Presses as:

  • USED Machines For Sale by SCHWABE USA  Sold “as is”
  • SCHWABE Pre-Owned Machines Remanufactured by OEM in USA to SCHWABE specifications

 The benefits of Buying USED from SCHWABE USA

Selling “as is” No WARRANTY provided or implied 

  • USED Machine verified SCHWABE Serial Number and Registration
  • Support Material Electrical / Engineering Schematics and Drawings, for sale, where and when available
  • SCHWABE OEM Value Assessment of USED Machine based on 5 star rating
  • SCHWABE OEM Audit available to assess work / cost involved to re-build machine to OEM Specifications to meet Application needs for $750.00 fee (100% deductable from purchase price)


Up to 30% Savings vs similar NEW Machines 

For Sale  “As NEW” plus 1 year Parts Warranty

  • Re-Manufactured to SCHWABE OEM Specifications
  • Re-Manufactured in USA
  • SCHWABE OEM engineers & skilled workmanship
  • Genuine SCHWABE Parts verified
  • Parts Warranty 1 Year
  • Manuals availability (on CD or Hard Copy)
  • Schematics Electrical / Engineering

SCHWABE USED August 14th.006


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