Materials Converting – SCHWABE Cutting Press Expertise

SCHWABE Cutting Presses for Materials ConvertingNew Improved

What is Converting?

SCHWABE cutting systems are used across the “converting industry” in a broad range of industries and material applications. Converting rolls of material into another product or customized packaging material.

New products require new applications and therefore converting is continuously innovating and demanding new creative solutions.

To understand more about what converting follow this link to Converting Industry Overview by Rockwell Automation.

SCHWABE cutting presses use Allen Bradley (Rockwell Automationcontrols. 

SR150 Powered Table In Factory

SCHWABE Straight Ram Beam Press SR 150 tons with Powered Table in Freeman Schwabe manufacturing plant in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Converting explained Wikipedia]

“Converting companies are companies that specialize in combining raw materials such as polyesters, adhesives, silicone, tapes, foams, plastics, felts, rubbers, liners and metals, as well as other materials, to create new products.”

Many converters specialize in

• Adhesive coating to make Labels and Tape

• Silicone coating to make a release liner

Die-cutting materials into finished parts or labels.

Printing services

Roll slitting of wide webs into narrow webs or coils

• Laminating services

• Vacuforming”

Allen Bradley : Rockwell

Converting Industries / Markets / Products examples

Medical Devices

  • Disposable wound care
  • Dental products
  • Surgical devices
  • Medical devices
  • Clean room packaging

Automotive Interior

  • Door panels
  • Sunshades
  • Interior Trim
  • Sound reduction
  • Engine filtration
  • Gaskets

Aerospace Interior

  • Fire-retardant foam
  • Protective packaging
  • Tools control


  • Microphones
  • Protective packaging
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