Mass Perforation Manufacturing – Tooling and Roller Press by SCHWABE USA

Mass Perforation Machine PressSCHWABE

Mass Perforation is required in the Auto Interior and Aerospace industries for manufacturing of seat covers and door panels to allow heat and cooling ventilation.

SCHWABE Roller Press machine uses custom mass perforation tooling with accurate and rigid tooling which is designed with crashrails to prevent tool damage. The  perforation tooling is a modular design and is integrated with the roller press.

The Roller Press like all SCHWABE designs is a simple operation and requires low maintenance. The cutting pad has the ability to be lowered and raised for the manufacturing process.

Mass Perforation – Manufacturing Alternatives

The Roller Press production using mass perforation tooling is cost effective based on the initial tooling and comparative machine costs

The key benefits are

  • Low maintenance cost for tooling & press system
  • Short process time ~ 2 parts/minute
  • Quick pattern change with alternative tiles

Alternative machine processes e.g. Laser, NC, Water Jet, Single Stroke offer advantages in flexibility for pattern change and in the speed for prototyping.

The ket disadvantages compared to Roller Press mass perforation are

  • Costly equipment investment
  • Costly maintenance
  • NC Cutting has slow cutting speeds

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