Auto Interior – Seating Design using Mass Perforation

Leather Perforation – Auto Interior Seating

Perforation in fashion leather has been around for some time.

“Either machine punched or laser cut, perforation infuses sex appeal to your look. Since the sporty vibe prevails in every trend, there are no second thoughts in investing in a perforated piece. It reveals some and hides some and creates mystery!…………If you are a leather lover, the perforated trend is for you. It will also be easier and breathable for you to wear perforated leather during sultry months, besides it being a great alternative to plain leather”


Perforated leather in auto seating is currently a mix of fashion style and functionality, as the mass perforation allows for a more effective heating and cooling system. Car companies even have their own brand of perforation.

different perforations

The latest trends in luxury auto interior design suggests perforations will be used more extensively to reflect style and branding, and even logos at the luxury end of the market (similar to the Michael Kors MK handbag logo above)

An interesting new seating design was introduction at the recent 2014 Detroit Motor Show in the new sports coupe RC F from Lexus.

2 seat photopng

“With spirited driving in mind, Lexus interior designers give the RC F an elliptical cross-section thick-grip steering wheel and high-back seats. The seats are constructed with an integrated foaming technique, which Lexus claims keeps seat trim taut and gives good support to the driver. In pictures released ahead of the car’s debut here, a unique stitching pattern can be seen on ivory leather seat cushions”.WardsAuto

Note the perforation in the Lexus seating is not in the sewing line, this perforation design was cut using perforation die developed by Ontario Die International business unit in the Czech Republic.


SCHWABE USA already produces the heavy duty Roller Press RC-100 for die cutting full and half hides of leather, and will produce the  new RC 44  Roller Press for Mass perforation of leather in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

The SCHWABE  Roller Press RC44 complements the Ontario Die International perforation die system which is in the form of a cassette, which holds the perforation tooling. SCHWABE is currently presenting the innovative roller press to auto manufacturers in Europe, with Ontario Die International.

SCHWABE USA produces the SCHWABE Roller Press Model RC 44 with Roller length of 44” and 10” diameter made of high-grade USA steel has a roller speed of 18” per second

Mass Perforating of Leather - Roller Press

Mass Perforating of Leather – SCHWABE USA Roller Press

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