Envelope Cutting Presses – Freeman Schwabe

Envelope Die Cutting Presses

Freeman Schwabe has a full range of Envelope Die Cutting Machine Presses.

Model EA25
Automatic Envelope Cutting Machine

Envelope Cutting Presses

Envelope Cutting Presses

Cutting Force – Twenty-Seven (27) U.S. Tons
Head Size – 24.4”D x 24.4”W
Maximum Blank Size – 23.6”D x 23.6”W
Maximum Material Size – 37.4”D x 57.1”W
Cutting Stroke – 7.1”, adjustable. Includes four (4) post-manually adjustable synchronized mechanical stop rods for restriction of bottom of stroke for increased die and cutting pad life. Complete with ratchet and dial indication for adjustment.
Daylight Opening – Approximately 8.9”, without cutting pad
Die Mounting – Magnetic fixture provided in head of press with keyway (and fixed keys) for precise die positioning. Magnetic fixture also enables dies without backing plates to be used. Also includes a foot pedal for energizing the magnet for the die clamping.
Cutting Surface –Polypropylene cutting pad with automatic pad oscillator located on the sliding table

Model EM30
 Manual Envelope

Envelope Cutting Presses

Envelope Cutting Presses

Cutting Pressure – 27 U.S. Tons or 33 U.S. Tons
Head Size –23.6”D x 23.6”W
Cutting Stroke – 5.1”
Cutting Surface – Polypropylene cutting pad with automatic pad shifter located on the sliding table for added die and pad life.
Guarding – Front Type 4 light safety curtain and rear safety guarding. Also includes head safety blocks for working under the head of the press.

Frequency converter cushion system for soft stopping ability.
Die lubricating roller for improved cut quality and prolonged die life.
Adjustable material side guides.
Manual Die Rails

Model RH30
 Receding Head Press

Envelope Cutting Presses

Envelope Cutting Presses

Receding Head – Rack and pinion drive with acceleration/deceleration ramping for smooth starting and stopping. A cross-center push bar is included in the head of the press.
Cutting Surface – Oscillating pad unit, mounted on bed of press for increased cutting pad life. Includes power driven device to move the cutting pad as required.
Scrap Removal Conveyor – Front scrap conveyor to remove scrap manually pushed to the front of the press. 8” Wide x 6” Deep. Includes bonded “Vee” type belt. This will be bonded to the flat belt for improved guiding of material scrap. Side shields are provided to prevent scrap from getting directly between the belt and the conveyor sidepieces.

Model FH 40
Full Head Press With

Single or Dual Motorized Table Feed System

Envelope Cutting Presses

Envelope Cutting Presses

Model FH – 40
Cutting Force – 44 US Tons
Cutting Stroke – 9.8”
Daylight – 11.8” does not include cutting surface
Main Motor – 5 Hp
Machine Bed – 47.2” deep x 63” wide
Effective Cutting Area – 45.3” deep x 61” with no die rails or pad shifter
Other sizes available




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