Heat Seal Platen Press – SCHWABE USA – FREE Testing / Prototyping

Schwabe Heated Platen Hydraulic Press


SCHWABE USA can custom design/build a new Schwabe Press or Rebuild/Remanufacture your existing Press with electrically heated platens which provides uniform heat distribution and temperature control across the entire platen surface.

SCHWABE USA offers for a limited period FREE TESTING / PROTOTYPING

of Die Cut Heat & Seal Material Application on a 

SCHWABE Heated Platen Hydraulic Press at Manufacturing Plant in Cincinnati, Ohio

The SCHWABE Heated Platen Hydraulic Press can use top heat, bottom heat or both depending upon your application or your customer’s requirement. Material can be sheet fed or off of roll good material with equal utility.
SCHWABE Heated Platen Hydraulic Presses are designed, engineered & assembled in Cincinnati, Ohio USA to meet the needs of your application. Press size, tonnage, cycle parameters, dwell time, heat specifications and the level of control software sophistication are all designed to maximize your manufacturing process.

Die Cut Heat Seal

Software control options feature programmable cycle parameters, job/program storage and recipe handling capability. Up to 250 individual recipes can be stored with our standard control package.
Operators have the ability to program and save pressure & platen position values, temperature specifications including accurately controlled ramp-up and ramp-down (cooled) rates, and desired dwell time. Temperature accuracy can be controlled with a basic single-zone controller or a more accurate multiple zone system for increased temperature uniformity across the platen and bed of the press.
Standard Schwabe Heated Platen Hydraulic Presses have an operating temperature up to 550 degrees F/287 degrees C. The heated platens include a layer of insulation between the moving platen of the press and the press bed if a bottom heated platen is used.
Each Schwabe Heated Platen Hydraulic Press comes equipped with its own temperature control zone that is set and displayed on the operator panel.

SCHWABE Heat Seal Applications

Ideal applications that lend itself well to Heated Platen Presses include various applications with different types of textiles, non-woven materials and synthetic fibers used for insulation and sound dampening properties can include die cut, crease/seal applications with or without punches etc.

Visual Example purposes only showing Non Woven heat seal bag

Visual Example purposes only showing Non Woven heat seal bag

Typically these applications use steel rule dies/tooling and are cutting/sealing against a polypropylene cutting board, nylon cutting board, a nylon cutting belt and sometimes even against steel. The die/tool is mounted on a pneumatically adjustable die rails that provides the opportunity to use various size dies/tools for greater flexibility.

Image below shows car door heat seal insulation developed by Visteon and 3M.

Door Insulation 3M and Visteon

Visual Example purposes only showing Heat Seal Insulation developed by Visteon and 3M

Aluminized heat shield (image below) is constructed of two layers of 99.5% pure grade industrial aluminum, laminated to fiber tech padding to achieve highest reflection of radiant heat and sound deadening.

• Under carpet
• Under side of hoods
• Behind firewalls
• Under headliners
• Inside doors

heat seal aluminimum

Visual example only showing Heat Seal Aluminized heat shields

SCHWABE USA offers for a limited period FREE TESTING / PROTOTYPING

of Die Cut Heat & Seal Material Application on a

SCHWABE Heated Platen Hydraulic Press at Manufacturing Plant in Cincinnati, Ohio


+1 513 947 2888

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