Leather Custom Design Perforating Machine SCHWABE Roller Press


Freeman Schwabe logo

Leather Punching / Perforating Logos and Custom Design

Freeman Schwabe is a Global OEM Machine Press Manufacturer & Supplier

… including the world famous brand of SCHWABE USA cutting machine presses and systems


Freeman Schwabe supplies USA and Global Companies including:

3M, Saint Gobain, Faurecia, Magna, Lear Corporation, JCI, Kongsberg, General Electric, GenPak, Takata, Grupo Antolin,

Freeman Schwabe as an OEM, supplies a wide range of industries in the USA and Worldwide, including:

Automotive Interior, Floor Covering (Luxury Vinyl Tiles), Foam and Sponge, Abrasives, Packaging, Medical Devices, Envelope and Paper.


Watch Mass Perforation Machine – Roller Press Demo

Freeman Schwabe YOU TUBE Channel  


YouTube logo

Leather Custom Perforation Roller Press with USA Flag..Proudly built in USANew Improved SCHWABE USASCHWABE USA

Custom Perforating Roller Press

General Specifications

Roller Length –44” made of high-grade USA steel

Roller Diameter – 10”

Roller Adjustment – Manual with Electronic scale driven by ball screw with positional accuracy of +/-0.001”

Roller Speed – 18” per second

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