Maximize Productivity with SCHWABE Model DG Cut, Mold, Trim Press – Small Manufacturing Footprint with High Tonnage




SCHWABE Model DG is the popular choice for die cutting and compression molding

Powerful Machine Press using minimal manufacturing space for maximum productivity.

Tonnage: 35 tons, 50 tons, 75 tons

In Plant FootPrint (Dimensions): 114”L x 60”W x 90”H

Photo DimensionsData Dimensions


    • reduces risk of contamination (choice of food and medical industry)
    • ideal for inverted cutting and hand placed tooling
    • suitable for vacuum formed plastics, blister packs, rubber (and other sheeted products)

Technical Specifications of SCHWABE Model DG

  • Models (by tonnage) : DG-35, DG-50, DG-75
  • Stroke /Daylight: 6” adjustable, 7” from head to bed (without cutting surface)
  • Speed (closing): 40”/sec, 30”/sec, 22”/sec,
  • Motor size / Voltage: 10hp (230 or 460 volts, 3 phase)
  • Head and Table Size 38”W X 38”D
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