Compact Hydraulic Up-Stroking Beam Presses – Save 58% of manufacturing space “Small Foot Print but High Tonnage”


Compact SCHWABE USA Beam Press - Small Footprint High Tonnage

Compact SCHWABE USA Beam Press – Small Footprint High Tonnage

SCHWABE USA – Model DG Up-Stroking Beam Press


Model DG Beam Presses are ideal for your manufacturing jobs which require narrow roll or sheet goods with a variety of options.
The SCHWABE DG series of up-stroking beam presses are a versatile group that can be outfitted with a variety of feed systems and can be operated in either manual or automatic mode.

Tonnage – They range in tonnage from 35 to 75 tons and in a standard bed size of 40” x 40”. Like all Schwabe Presses, the Model DG and DG RH are Made in USA since 1935.

SCHWABE built in USA

SCHWABE built in USA

Applications – These are powerful presses which are ideally suited to cut vacuum formed plastics, blister/skin packaging, rubber and other sheeted products.

Machine Design and Versatility

Due to their overall speed and power, as well as smooth and easy operation, these machines efficiently cut sheet goods and can be simply adapted with various feed systems to handle roll goods.

The sturdy box frame construction with heavy duty steel weldments provides minimum deflection while the total design of these presses includes a quick-set stroke adjustment and easy to operate sliding table(s).
The sliding table(s) can be operated either manually or powered. The functional presses have been designed and engineered to operate economically and with a minimum of maintenance. The hydraulic power unit is located on top of the head of the press making for a very compact foot print and easy serviceability.

Up-Stroke Press – The Schwabe Model DG and DG RH with it’s up-stroking capability is ideal for inverted cutting and hand placed tooling and with the hydraulic power unit located on the head any possible contamination is greatly reduced.

Industries – The Schwabe Model DG and DG RH is clearly the choice of the food and medical industries!

Maintenance – The only recommended maintenance is greasing the large rigid center guide once per week and change the hydraulic oil once per year! Due to the rugged design, the press is virtually shock and vibration free!


SCHWABE USA – Up-Stroking Beam Press Model DG RH “Small Footprint + High Tonnage”

SCHWABE USA – Model DG Receding Head Up-Stroking Beam Press

Receding Head Upstroking Press – ideally suited for cutting sheet and roll goods with small or large dies

Up-Stroking Receding Head Presses, Model DGRH features a receding head offers swift and shock-free movement that provides for a clear, unobstructed view of the cutting surface and easy die placement on the material.

The photo-electric Type 4 light curtain can activate the stroke as the Operator moves out of the cutting area. This feature significantly increases productivity. Of course the press can also be operated in the manual mode operated by the two operator buttons.

The Schwabe USA Model DGRH is ideally suited for cutting sheet and roll goods with small or large dies.


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