SCHWABE Quick Die Change (QDC) – Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press

SCHWABE USA -Dual Side Quick Die Change (QDC)

– Provides faster and safer die changeover to improve manufacturing efficiency and operator safety
– Takes less than two minutes
– 60% faster than other press die changing methods.

Benefits of SCHWABE USA Quick Die Change (QDC)

Reduces set-up times and productivity improvements in job or program changes.

Reduces significantly the risk of damage to expensive tooling and tooling repair costs.

Very ergonomically friendly i.e. approximately 38” from the floor

Operator can easily load or unload tooling by themselves without the use of hoists, cranes, etc.

SCHWABE SR DUal Side die change QDC

SCHWABE SR Dual Side – Quick Die Change (QDC)

Also available are Quick Change Die Carts

Quick Change Die Carts  are available with wheels that can easily receive and store your tooling for future needs. These Quick Change Die Carts are ideal for heavy and large multi-cavity tools that are expensive and awkward to handle. No longer are special cranes, frames, hoists etc. needed thereby improving operator safety as well as speed of the process.


Cutting Die Change 1

Cutting Die Change 1

Multiple types of tooling can be accommodated such as

  • Steel Rule Dies,
  • Matched Metal Dies,
  • Flooring Tile Dies etc.


SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press

SR blue Die Change

SCHWABE SR Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press is the proven popular choice for Lean Manufacturing Efficiency across global industries:

Automotive Interior, Floor Covering Carpet & Vinyl, Foam / Sponge, Medical Devices, Packaging

SCHWABE USA presses with Quick Die Change (QDC) are Made in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, providing quality assurance and superior long term performance.

SCHWABE built in USA

SCHWABE Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press built in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Schwabe Straight Ram SR Series design allows for full tonnage over the entire stroke of the platen.

Quick Change Side Die Loading is a unique option with this design while providing fast die changeover benefits typically less than 2 minutes.

SR green die change

The Press dimensions start at 32” Deep x 64” Wide and are available up to 80″ x 80″ or larger

The bed height can be lower than pull down or base linkage presses since the beds only function is to provide a flat stiff structure.  Standard Working Bed Height is 34”.

The Schwabe Straight Ram SR Series Press begins at 115 Tons of cutting force and is available up to 2,500 Tons of cutting force or more

The unique Schwabe SR Series Press design makes it easy to incorporate many combinations of material feeds.

Remote Hydraulics featuring Rex Roth Cylinders, Valves, Pumps
Allen Bradley controls standard; Siemens optional

OSHA & CE compliant

For more information +1 513 947 2888





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