Roller Press to Cut Full / Half Hide Leather

Buying SCHWABE USA Roller Press, for accurate die cutting of Full Hide or Half Hide Leather

……….Synthetic Fabric or Cardboard

SCHWABE Roller Press Cut Sheet Print Version front


Roller Press – Features and Specifications

Standard roller face width 70” / 100”/ 120”

– custom widths available

Roller Diameter: 18″

Working Height: 36”

Daylight Opening: ¾” – 7″

Programmable Height Settings: 3/4″ – 7″

Cutting Cycle Speed: 28″ per second

Infeed / Outfeed Support Tables: 96″W x 108″L x 36″

Extra Pick and Lay Tables available to meet production needs

Engineered by SCHWABE (OEM) and manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


– Herman SCHWABE heritage in technical design for quality and dependability
– Extra Strong structure for durability
– Distinct economic advantage when high cutting pressure required, for large number of linear inches of die rule
– Wide range of options available depending on manufacturing process

YouTube logoSCHWABE Roller Press for full and half hide leather cutting, with hand placed dies]


 Call +1 513 947 2888

Eamil :

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