Automotive Trim leather cutting, tri-laminate, leather goods, textile, plastic, rubber, and foam.

SCHWABE USA supplies cutting expertise for automotive interior trim industry both leather and fabric cutting and works closely with Ontario Die International , the world’s largest die making company. “ODI have been in business since 1923 and have locations in five countries and service customers around the globe.”

SCHWABE USA and ODI, is a well known partnership in the global Automotive Trim industry die cutting programs across all types of material leather cutting, tri-laminate, leather goods, textile, plastic, rubber, and foam.

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Watch video demo of SCHWABE USA machine using the ODI DIEVAC® SYSTEM cutting multiple layers of material for automotive trim.


Advantages of the Die Vac System die cutting on a SCHWABE USA press

100% cutting accuracy.
Almost zero scrap parts.
Tremendous productivity.
Excellent fabric utilization.
Occupies less floor space than other systems.
Material will not move while cutting.


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