Traveling Head Press $89,950 – OEM Re-Manufactured 1 Year Warranty


SCHWABE  Traveling Head Press – (Pre Owned)

Automatic 2-Axis Model A5A

OEM Re-Manufactured For Sale with 1 YEAR WARRANTY

Serial Number # 91120

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OEM Value Assessment

OEM AssessmentOEM  Re-Manufactured SCHWABE  Automatic 2-Axis  Traveling Head Press

Specifications : Automatic 2-Axis Model A5A (Pre Owned)

*Traveling Head Press 
*Cutting Force – 75 U.S. tons   
*Head size 25″D x 25″ W 
*Bed size 25″ D x 86″ W
*Stroke – 4″ adjustable 
*Feed System quoted separately

Subject to prior sales

Sales Inquiry 2
30-60 days ARO 
Depending on Feed System 

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