Die Cutting Presses – Top 10 Maintenance Tips from Freeman Schwabe


Die Cutting Presses – Top 10 Maintenance Tips from Freeman Schwabe

Regular maintenance of your Freeman Schwabe die cutting press is critical to ensure the efficiency and longevity of the machine. Schwabe engineers share their Top 10 Maintenance Tips for hydraulic presses.

 Maintenance Top 10 Tips

1: Change the oil as recommended, including special circumstances; factory atmosphere, amount of product ran using full tonnage, etc.

2: Periodically grease all fittings throughout machine. Guide cylinder, roller bearings, Hydraulic motor bearings, etc.

3: Visually inspect and grease all chains and sprockets throughout feed systems if applicable.

4: Visual inspection of weldments for structural cracks.

5: General cleaning of cutting bed areas and feed systems.

6: Periodically check structural bolts and fixtures for proper torque throughout machine.

7: Visual inspection for hydraulic leaks and any leaks at gear boxes.

8: Visual inspection of all hydraulic hoses. Check for wear patterns due to hoses flexing and rubbing on fixtures or themselves.

9: Periodically refill air system lubricators and empty any water separators.

10: Visual inspection of all electrical conduit and fittings

For more information on OEM hydraulic cutting presses and our Technical Support visit the Freeman Schwabe website.

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