Top 10 Safety Tips for Hydraulic Cutting Presses.

Top 10 Safety Audit Tip for hydraulic cutting presses.

….provided by Freeman Schwabe engineers staffSCHWABE Logo


Safety is everyone’s business

Please note: be careful to follow OSHA guidelines when operating machines


also be extra careful buying machines, because some cutting presses being re-sold no longer meet the new OSHA standards.

ALL Freeman Schwabe hydraulic cutting presses meet the OSHA guidelines

Top 10 Safety Audit Tips for Hydraulic Die Cutting Presses

1: Check all e-stops, guard safety switches, safety pull cords, light curtains, and head safety block interlocks for proper operation.

2: Audit operations during production to see if operators are using safety head block during die changes. Also check that mechanical arm safety switches are not tied back.

3: Check two hand controls and ATDs for proper operation.

4: Check that any hydraulic leaks are being contained until fixed to prevent slippage and falling down.

5: Check that anything attached to the machine that is overhead is properly mounted and maintained.

6: As OSHA standards change with time, assure that machinery remains up to date and current.

7: Insure all electrical disconnects are functioning and within reach.

8: Visual inspection of all guards to insure the mounting hardware and any welds are not weakening or broken.

9: Check all exposed conduit and electrical connections to prevent electrical hazards.

10: Insure that lockout/ tagout procedures are being utilized with the correct type of locking mechanism.

Suggest more safety audit tips to add to the list…….

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