Herman Schwabe Inc


Herman Schwabe was an American pioneer and innovator in the manufacture of die cutting machinery.

Herman Schwabe innovator in the engineering design and manufacture of die cutting hydraulic press.

Herman Schwabe innovator in the engineering design and manufacture of die cutting hydraulic presses.

Herman Schwabe began his career in 1935 as an enterprising young man in the highly competitive footwear sales market, next year we will be proud to mark his 80 years anniversary !

He founded Herman Schwabe Inc. in a small loft in New York City to take advantage of the need for high speed, efficient and accurate die cutting machinery.

He later developed the sophisticated SCHWABE USA hydraulic die cutting presses we build today at our manufacturing plant in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

The manufacturing of the cutting presses was later relocated to Hazelton, Pennsylvania, and Herman Schwabe was always proud to say “SCHWABE cutting presses are Made in U.S.A.”

The key to the Herman Schwabe success was the engineering design of the press and choice of materials.

Today Freeman Schwabe supplies a full range SCHWABE cutting presses to meet every cutting need, regardless of shape or size, material or production requirements, and the Schwabe hydraulic cutting presses range from 25 Ton to the large format 2,500 Ton Schwabe Hydraulic Straight Ram Press.

Freeman Schwabe USA amanufacturing cutting systems

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2 Responses to Herman Schwabe Inc

  1. Steve ryan says:

    Hello. Im trying to find what tonnage a particular clicker press is that you manufactured. Im considering buying it but the seller says the machine doesn’t say the tonnage. The only information I have is from the metal identification tag.. which indicates: “serial number D”
    ” Mach number 23972″
    Any information ( tonnage, yr made, table size, presser head size.. etc. ) you could provide would be welcomed and very helpful to me. Much thanks. Steve Ryan

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