Large Area Edge Folding Press for making Auto Interior Soft Trim components


Large Area Edge Folding Press (Model LAF) for manufacturing Auto Interior Soft Trim Components - Freeman SCHWABE

Large Area Edge Folding Press (Model LAF) for manufacturing Auto Interior Soft Trim Components – Freeman SCHWABE

Freeman SCHWABE Large Area Folding Press

Our Large Area Folding Presses are accurate and ensure repeatable folding of various applications.

– consistent

– uniformity of fold

– increased productivity

Built of rigid steel construction and single stroke pneumatic operation, these presses are simple to operate and minimal maintenance! The press is designed to accept various types of tooling and is easily and rapidly changed safely.

Freeman SCHWABE Model LAF

Freeman SCHWABE  Model LAF (large area folding press) is ideal for flat folding applications as well as 3-D applications with or without heated tools.

Applications include automotive components such as door panel inserts, sun visors, door handles, seat backs or center consoles. Options that can be included are: variable pressure, dwell and temperature depending upon your application needs.

Common materials that can be formed around a substrate include cloth, vinyl, carpet and other types of textiles. It is also possible to not only edge fold the part but also die cut the blocker into its final shape.

Large Area Folding Press Specifications
Working Area – 16” deep x 35” wide (400mm x 900mm)
Distance between the Posts – 28” wide (700mm)
Maximum Pressure – 100 psi
Voltage – 220V Single Phase
Dimensions – 58” wide x 27” deep x 62” high ( 1473mm x 686mm x 1575mm)
Weight – 2,040 lbs.
Meets all OSHA Safety Specifications including 29 CFR 1910.217

Capable of handling tools up to 16” x 35” (400mm x 900mm) or larger for custom design

Entire cycle to edge fold the part is typically less than 10 seconds!

Production time can be reduced by at least 70% compared to manual methods of edge folding.

Freeman Schwabe "fast track sales request"

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