Die Cutting Gaskets accurately, high volume, low cost.

SCHWABE LogoDie Cutting Gaskets – accurately, high volume and low cost.

Freeman Schwabe Die Cutting Presses 

Gaskets are usually produced from a flat material e.g. on a sheet or roll such as paper, rubber, silicone, cork, felt, foam, plastic, rubber.
Die Cutting uses a die to cut and “punch” out gaskets from sheets or rolls of material.

Image gasket1

Gasket examples

Freeman Schwabe supplies flat bed die cutting machine presses, which are capable of “kiss cutting” gaskets, and supplies the roll stands to feed the material to the press and die.

fh - full head w manual tray rb - receding beam pressnc25 - traveling head cutting on belths - high speed narrow web

Full Head Die Cutting Press 

fh - full head w manual tray

Full Head / Beam Die Cutting Press for cutting gaskets accurately, fast, low cost

Key Features for Cutting Gaskets 
Range of sizes that can be customized for your application
– Tonnage ranges from 25 to 400 tons.
– Standard bed sizes from 20″ x 50″ to 60″ x 80″ in 4″ increments
– Anti-shock rigid construction with .
– Two-speed cutting stroke
– Accurate control of the cutting position.


Key Benefits 
– Flexible & Adjustable
– Cost Efficient
– Manufacturing Efficiency
– Various feed system options to increase capacity and reduce material cost


Receding Head / Receding Beam Hydraulic Die Cutting Press

rb - receding beam press

Cutting Gaskets on Receding Beam Hydraulic Die Cutting Press

Key Features for Cutting Gaskets 

– Special rack and pinion head-speed control system allows quick head receding speed and adjustable receding distance to produce cycle times ranging from 3 to 4 seconds per die cut.

– This system also ensures the receding head starts and stops smoothly at both ends, eliminating any shock or vibration.

– The press can be run in the Auto 1 or Auto 2 operating mode, which means the photo cell commands the cutting press to start cutting after the operator reaches in to position material once or twice.

Key Benefits

– Accurate and consistent die cutting time after time
– Allows faster cycle times which saves operator movement, thereby reducing operator fatigue.
– Unique balancing system which ensures clean even die cutting and reducing wear on cutting die surfaces.


Traveling Head Die Cutting Press CNC 3 Axis with Nesting Software – Model NC

nc25 - traveling head cutting on belt

Traveling Head Die Cutting Press CNC 3 Axis with Nesting Software die cutting gaskets

NC CNC 3-Axis Traveling Head Hydraulic Press with Nesting Capability

Key Features for Cutting Gaskets
– Two or three axis servo motor positioning system, position accuracy +/-0.1mm. The traveling head is driven by a servo-drive ball screw.
– PC based control system with 9,999 cutting programs memory for different die shape, program and die change within 5 minutes.
– Original rigid stop rods with digital readout ensures positive mechanical restriction of the bottom stroke.
– Continuous Nylon Belt Conveyor traveling through press, utilized as a material carrier and cutting surface, transported by a rear-mounted motor combined with a clamp feed unit.
▪ Clamp feed opening approx. 5”. Infeed staging area approx. 23” beyond rear guard.
▪ Outfeed portion of cutting belt approx. 20” beyond front guard.
▪ Pneumatic Clamp Feed mounted on rear of press set to operate automatically in conjunction with cutting cycle.
-NEW and IMPROVED  Nesting Software


High Speed Die Cutting Press

hs - high speed narrow web

High Speed Press Cutting Gaskets

Key Features for Cutting Gaskets

-Fully Automatic Operation

– Deliver High Productivity and Precision

– High speed hydraulics increase cutting speed that will produce100 cuts per minute

– Machine Reduces Die Wear

– Offers a touch-screen operator interface with machine dialogue and self-diagnostic trouble shooting

Key Benefits

– Easy Maintenance

– OSHA Safety protects operators has interlocked safety guards with a safety circuit to ensure a totally safe operating environment.

– Servo motor positioning system maintains positioning accuracy of ± .004″ can result in up to a 20% savings in material cost.

 To order or request a quote +1 513 947 2888

Email: sales@freemanschwabe.com

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